Type E EZ-IRS Bolt-In 1955-1967 bus rear Suspension

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This kit was designed to overcome most all of the issues when trying to adapt a modern independent rear suspension into an early split bus.  It was also designed to offer quite a few different mounting and width options with ZERO cutting or welding. 

The new-manufactured arms are built with a jog to clear the stock bus cross member even when being lowered.  By providing the drop at the hub rather than at the splines, the rear camber is eliminated, and the stock payload and ride quality are retained. 

Because the hub is separate from the arm, the overall track width is somewhat adjustable by using different mounting positions.  There are also easy adjustments for camber, toe, and ride height. 

The simple bolt-on torsion housing mounts are built to clear the heater tubes and frame horns with no cutting.  They can also be easily adjusted to dial-in camber.  Adjustable spring plates also dial-in ride height with one bolt adjustment. 

The offset of the hub allows for a stock replacement Type 1 Bug CV assembly to fit without narrowing the torsion housing. 

The rear hub accepts standard type 1 bug IRS stub axles, bearings, seals, and clips for easy replacement.  Most standard T1 Bug rear brake systems should also fit. 

Because of the huge number of options, brakes are not included in this kit. 

The hubs comes with a caliper bracket welded to the hub.  This bracket works with the CB and the newer style Empi T1 rear park brake calipers.  You can order the calipers and rotors separate from CB/Empi, without needing to order an entire T1 kit All you need is the IRS rotors, and R/L calipers.

This kit will be offered with or without all of the small hub parts.  If you have a 1969-on Type 1 parts car, you can use those parts.  If you do not have the hub parts, there is an option to purchase all of the bearings, seals, clips, stub axles, and CV assemblies. 


This IRS kit is designed to work with 69-on T1 bug, or T3 squareback IRS transaxles.


Adding the hub parts option adds $485 to the kit, but it will provide you with all of the small parts, and no parts-car scrounging.  This small parts kit does not include brake rotors or calipers, just the small parts inside the hubs, and the drive axle parts. 


As of 11-12-21 you will need to send your stock spring plates in to be modified and returned.  I am out of core spring plates, and very few people return the cores.  I am working on getting new spline pieces made, but it will be a while.  The turn-around time will be about 5-7 days once I get them here.  Your spring plates can be cut down to 9" overall to make shipping easier. 


Some assembly required.  You will need to be able to correctly pack the wheel bearings and assemble the hub and correctly torque the axle nut per factory settings. 

These kits come raw welded steel. 



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