Type E EZ-Ride IRS kit install instuctions

Use a center punch to stake the pivot bolts in place.  Do a few spots on each side.  These keep the bolts from backing out. 

Set the angle of the main flat plate on the bracket to 0 degrees, perpendicular with the ground.  This will can be adjusted down the road to set the camber.  The kit was designed to be run at 0 degrees. 

Set the spring plate angle similar to what it was stock.  The drop hub kits will automatically drop it 3" with the spring plate in the stock spot.  The adjuster screw on the spring plate will add another 1" up or down adjustment. 

Pack with grease, and drive the inner bearing into the hub.  The big snap ring goes into the bore BEFORE the inner seal goes in.  There is a groove in the hub, and the snap ring holds the bearing in place.  The seal goes in on top of the snap ring. 

The smaller spacer with the chamfer on the ID goes onto the stub shaft first.  The chamfer goes up against the CV flange end. 

Press the stub shaft into the inner bearing in the hub.  The slide the larger spacer onto the shaft.

Pack and press the outer bearing into the hub. 

Add the o-ring around the flange.

Add the smaller spacer.

If you are running disks, add the backing plate spacer.  If you are running drum brakes, add the backing plate now. 

Lube and press the outer axle seal into the bearing cap.  Then bolt the cap on. 

Bolt the hub onto the arm.  This hub in the pic is a stock height hub.  The drop hub all mounts the same.