Ball Joint Drum Drop Spindles

Ball Joint Drum Drop Spindles

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2.5” drum brake drop spindles for your 1966 and later beetle, Thing, or Ghia. These will use your stock drum brakes and stock tie-rod ends.  '66-'68 cars will need to swap to the later style outer tie-rod ends and inner wheel bearings and seals. 

Drop spindles should be the first thing installed when lowering ANY amount.  Drop spindles keep the steering geometry correct, and more importantly, they keep the trailing arms in a more correct, flatter position.  
Lowering with just beam adjusters and NO drop spindles makes the torsion arms point way up in the back. This causes a super rough ride because the arms are trying to swing FORWARD into each bump. With drop spindles, the arms stay flat, and they move UP with each bump.  

Drop spindles also keep the ball joints in a standard range of motion without binding.  Without them and lowered only on the beam adjusters, the ball joints will quickly become maxed out.  This is hard on the joints, and it will make the ride very bouncy. 

The other issue without drop spindles, is the tire moves way forward in the fender, and it usually makes the tire rub the headlight bucket.

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