Type E EZ-Ride Hybrid Spindle/Beam setup. Complete, rotor to rotor. 1955-1979

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Another Type E suspension designed to eliminate the many issues when trying to modify 50+ year old vehicles to perform to today's standards.  This front suspension was designed from the ground up to eliminate problems, provide superior ride, and braking with no compromises....all without having to modify original, hard-to-find, spindles or beams.  

The complete rotor to rotor front suspension was designed to get rid of old out-dated king and link pins, and to eliminate the maintenance, alignment, and ride-quality issues that come with them.  We also eliminated the cumbersome old-style pack-able, high-maintenance wheel bearings, seals, and lock nuts. 

We have replaced ancient technology with modern tech.  This front suspension now uses sealed, maintenance-free hub assemblies similar to every modern car and truck made.  We have also swapped to better-riding ball joints for maintenance free, easy alignment, and simple design. 

The disk brakes are huge 10.5" diameter, 1" thick vented rotors sourced from modern heavy American-made trucks.  The calipers are giant dual-piston units, with over 20 square inches of brake pad surface on each side.  By using these parts, we now have easy on-the-shelf parts store replacements if you should need one down the road, or if you need a replacement while on a road trip.  No custom-machined rotors, or racecar calipers.  Just good-working, easy- to-get, inexpensive parts. 

The front hubs are available in 5x130, 5x4.75, and stock 5x205, and the huge brakes will fit under stock 15" split-bus wheels. 

The spindles are made from laser-cut 3/4" plate steel.  They have a 3.5" built-in drop, and the Ackerman angle has been corrected for use with the new narrowed beam.   The steering arms have been positioned so the tie rods remain almost flat at ride height to eliminate bump steer. They use a standard eccentric top ball joint adjuster for simple, easy alignment. 

The beam is 4" narrowed, adjustable, and built from DOM laser-cut steel tubing.  There is caster added to the bottom tube to increase high-speed tracking.  Ground clearance is also improved by raising the center steering pin.

With dual-pattern sideplates, this system will fit both early Split window and Bay window buses.  For Bay window owners, the benefits of this front suspension are even greater.  The bottom tube has been moved up 1 3/8" more than a stock Bay beam for more ground clearance than a problematic beam raise.  This is a great solution for lowered Bay window buses.  No beam raise necessary. 

This suspension is painted gloss black, and fully assembled.  Because of this they need to be shipped truck freight. 

There is a $550 core charge on the torsion arms and torsion springs. If you are able to source clean, straight, and non-rusty 1968-1979 Bay torsion arms and inner torsion springs, you can ship them to us and save the $550 core charge. If your parts are in good CLEAN workable condition, we will refund $550. 

The only part you will need to reuse off your bus is the center steering arm.  New tie-rods with new ends are provided, as well as new rubber brake hoses.  Save your complete stock front suspension.  No need to cut up good Split window spindles or beams.  


The truck freight shipping charge will be invoiced separately at the time it is ready to ship. 

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