Type E 2" adjustable 1955-1967 Bus beam

  • $620.00

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These 2" narrowed, adjustable beams are built with 3 degrees of caster added to improve tracking at highway speeds.  They come with center steering pin bushings installed and pre-reamed to size.  The 2" narrowed works great for stock steel wheels, Gas Burners, and other wheels with a deep offset. 

We only utilize 100% new laser cut steel.  The tubes are also laser cut to insure accuracy and equal lengths.  By using all laser cut parts, we are able to greatly reduce the labor cost, improve the accuracy and finish of our parts.  We also build all beams on a custom fixture streamlining the process, and guaranteeing accuracy.  This allows us to sell a great beam, at a lower price.  Our beams are welded with 200+ amp 220volt welders.

We now include CNC machined, and wire EDM cut center torsion spring blocks, adjusters, and a new center steering pin kit with the bushings installed, and reamed on every bus beam.  No more need to cannibalize your beam for the center blocks, or having to figure out how to ream the center pin bushings.

Beams are shipped bare steel. 

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