Urethane Bus Beam bushings

  • $65.00

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Urethane beam bushings.  These newer bushings are a much harder material than the old style squishy squeaky red urethane.  I like to use lots of synthetic waterproof wheel bearing grease meant for boat trailers with these.  These fit the tubing and the arms nicely, and do not grab the arm or pinch anywhere.  Poor fitting bushings are what gave urethane a bad reputation long ago.  These have been machined to fit correctly. 

Both versions of these bushings need to be machined to fit the tube and the arms correctly.  Out of the package, the bushings are not round, concentric, or even fit into the tube.  The later bushings also need to be machined to fit the sleeved arms correctly.  These are more money than most places, because they have been machined to fit and work correctly. 

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