Type E EZ-Stop Split Bus Disk Brake Kit 1964-1967

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FINALLY...an affordable AND simple 1964-1967 bus disk brake kit that FITS STOCK 14" & 15" SPLIT BUS WHEELS!! We designed this kit to be an easy, bolt-on install with all of the required bits and pieces to make the install a breeze.

Rather than building a kit based off custom-made or fancy race car parts, we went the other way and built our kit using super-common, easy-to-get parts. Willwood and similar "race car" calipers do not have dust seals, so they have a limited lifespan before the pistons start to wear out the bores requiring replacement.

The rotors, calipers and brake pads used in this kit are used on millions of American cars, and the parts are readily available at nearly every auto parts store across the USA. They are built to last for 100,000's of miles in terrible conditions. If you are 1000 miles from home, and you need a replacement rotor or pads, there is no need to wait a week or more for custom-made replacement parts. Just swing by your local NAPA with the part numbers provided in the kit.

The single best way to improve braking performance doesn't come from adding more pistons to the calipers, it comes from increasing the rotor's outside diameter. This increases the effective leverage. Some other kits use a 9.25" rotor that is custom machined even smaller to fit inside a 14" bus wheel. Or a thin 3/8" thick solid rotor that is only available from ONE company. Some of these rotors are over $150 EACH when they need to be replaced, and hopefully they are still available when you need one. The rotors to use with the EZ-STOP kit are large 10.25" diameter, 1" thick vented style, 100% off-the-shelf rotors that need NO custom machine work. They also come with the bearing races pressed in.

The calipers are used on countless GM mid-size cars that are heavier than a VW bus. These calipers have a much larger pad surface area than a Willwood caliper, and there are lots of different brands, grades, and type of pads available. The piston area of these calipers is very similar to the piston area of a Willwood, so the pedal feel, and clamping force is very similar between the two.

The caliper brackets are made from 3/8" laser cut steel, the adapters to the stock 5x205mm bolt pattern are made from 1/2" laser cut steel, then machined on CNC equipment. We add custom MADE IN THE USA press-in 14mm wheel studs, and include lug nuts to fit stock VW steel wheels.

High quality Timken or National bearings, new conversion rubber brake hoses, lug nuts, wheel seals, and new billet anodized dust caps are all included in the kit.

Not included in the kit are the calipers, rotors, and brake pads. We have done this for a few good reasons. Included with the kit are all the necessary part numbers and applications that will cross-reference at any good auto parts store. Shipping heavy rotors, calipers and pads is very expensive. We figure since you own a VW you are already familiar with your local auto parts store. Take the list of part numbers into your local store and pick up the parts yourself to save the shipping. For you folks who want drilled or slotted rotors, those are available from other on-line retailers as well. Some people/shops also have connections and get good parts store discounts, saving themselves even more.


With stock 15" steel wheels, this kit will add only 3/8" to each side, or 3/4" to the overall track width.  Most aftermarket 5x205 wheels can be run without the extra 3/8" outer spacer, making the disk kit almost the same as stock width.   

This kit will work with most all flipped spindles.  The only issue I have found is if someone has welded a super thick gusset to the spindle when flipping it.  Check the inside lip of the rotor when installing this kit on flipped spindles.  If the  gusset is too thick, it will just hit the inside of the rotor.  A couple minutes with a grinder on the gusset will quickly fix the issue.

As with any disk brake kit, it is almost mandatory to upgrade to a dual circuit master cylinder.  This is a safety upgrade as well as adding the correct proportioning between the new front disks and the rear drums.  We recommend a 22mm bore master cylinder with this disk brake kit. 


Click here for install instructions and part numbers for the EZ-Stop disk brake kit


Here is a great, very in-depth install video made by a customer.  It was done on a Baywindow, but the procedure is the same. 




The $555.00 price for the disk kit INCLUDES the shipping to anywhere in the USA including delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. 



Click here for the 5x130 Porsche pattern EZ-Stop disk kit


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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Johnny Urabus Buschmann
Great quality!

Love the disc brake kit. Thanks for making such a great vented brake kit for buses!

Ross Brooks
Great kit!

The only tricky part was the one bolt on the caliper. Everything showed a hand allen wrench would take care of it, but there wasn’t even room to get that in. I had to make my own tool with a 8mm bolt and open end wrench. Other than that, this is a really great kit. Highly reccomend.

Lance Suggett
Amazing kit and service

I can not give enough praise to Brian. I ordered the full kit and dual circuit master cylinder. I received an email within a day or 2 of my order to let me know that a portion of the kit was out of stock and offered a refund or I could wait. I loved the communication and was willing to wait. Fitment was spot on and quality I highly recommend. Asked for a little advice during installation and Brian was quick to help. The options you have with calipers, rotors and brake pads was awesome. I wish I had more stars to give! I will recommend to everyone I talk to.

Glenn Hicks

Perfectly packaged. Awesome set up!


This is the best and most straight forward bus disk brake kit I’ve ever installed. The best part is everything is easily sourced no one off parts here!